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Verenice Gomez

Reception Supervisor

Verenice’s father worked as the main technician for a large animal veterinarian. He got Verenice a job there when she was only 16—working with horses, cows, pigs, goats, and sheep—and her passion for the animal care field grew from there!


Verenice grew up in Temecula and has lived here her whole life. Ever since she can remember, she’s loved learning about different animal breeds and how pets respond to medicine. Her family even adopted a llama named George, further sparking her love of veterinary medicine. Now she gets to work with animals and their owners every day as a Receptionist at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital!

Learning about pharmaceuticals, helping in the treatment area, and meeting pets in the exam rooms are Vereince’s favorite aspects of her job. When she sees a pet come in suffering, but leaves after veterinary care looking great, it makes everything worth it for her.

Vereince has a Chihuahua mix named Buddy, who has a very stubborn attitude! She also owns five goats and George the llama.

Outside of work, Vereince loves the Crossfit exercise program. She loves competing against and motivating her fellow gym members!

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Veterinary Assistant

Tawnya has felt a bond with animals ever since she was a little girl. She would regularly ride her bicycle around her neighborhood in search of stray pets! When a neighbor of hers started working at a veterinarian’s office, Tawnya was fascinated—she knew that a career in the animal-care world would be perfect for her.

A Temecula native, Tawnya started her veterinary journey as a Kennel Assistant, during which time she had the good fortune to learn from many great industry professionals. Tawnya is currently a Veterinary Assistant; she’s graduated from Veterinary Technician school and is studying to take her exams. After that, she’ll be a Registered Veterinary Technician!

Tawnya joined the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital family in October of 2015. Around the clinic, she’s especially fond of wound care, dental work, and ear cleanings. For Tawnya, making a dirty pet sparkle is the ultimate reward.

Outside of work, Tawnya enjoys crafting, building furniture, and baking during the holidays. She, her husband, and their two children share their home with a multitude of pets. They have five dogs—Irritating Irrv, Mayble Bad Dog, Calamity Jane, Shadow, and Twitch—as well as three cats and a snake.

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Megan Musolff

Veterinary Technician

Megan’s family owned pets ever since she was young, and she’s an animal parent herself now. She’s always wanted to give something back to the creatures who have provided her so much happiness! As a veterinary professional, Megan gets to use her skillset to better the lives of pets and their owners on a daily basis.

Originally from Torrance, California, Megan’s animal-care career began at a PetSmart before she signed on at a local animal clinic. It was there that her passion for veterinary medicine was sparked; it wasn’t long before she had signed up for classes to become a Registered Veterinary Technician! Next, Megan worked for two other clinics before finishing up her schooling, moving out of Orange County, and signing on here at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital in May of 2016. As a Technician, she especially enjoys cleaning pets’ ears, observing surgeries, and learning something new every single day.

Megan lives in Canyon Lake with her boyfriend and their two cats: Beans is very active and particularly likes kneading while meowing and purring loudly; Catniss is more standoffish, but still enjoys a good back rub whenever she demands one.

When she isn’t working or spending time with her family, Megan enjoys hiking, riding her dirt bike, going on camping trips, and swimming.

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Veterinary Technician

Dana’s own pets are incredibly special to her—she doesn’t take for granted the relationships we have with our animal companions! Dana makes it her mission to nurture those bonds every day as one of the clinic’s Registered Veterinary Technicians.

Dana is originally from Connecticut, and moved to San Diego in 2001 after graduating from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences. That same year, she jump-started her veterinary journey by signing on at a boarding facility, where she was excited and honored to care for drug-sniffing Border Patrol dogs. Dana then moved on to a local animal hospital, where she served as a receptionist, before returning to school and enrolling in San Diego Mesa College’s Animal Health Technology program. She graduated with her Associate’s degree and passed the California and national board exams in 2004, and has been working as a Registered Veterinary Technician ever since.

Dana joined the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital family in early 2016 after falling in love with the clinic’s family-centered atmosphere and high-quality care methods. Medically, she’s fond of laboratory work and never tires of running diagnostics. Most of all, she loves connecting with and educating her clients on the best possible pet-care techniques.

Outside of her interests in the veterinary world, Dana enjoys running long distance, cooking, wine-tasting, and completing home-improvement projects. She lives with her husband, their wonderful daughter, and a pair of senior cats named Lomer and Noodles.

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Ashley Skroch


When she was little, Ashley would see sick or lost pets and feel absolutely helpless. She would often try to take them home and fix them up. From a young age she knew she wanted to be involved in the medical field—now she helps pets and their owners as the Receptionist at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital!

Ashley was born in Fallbrook, California. She moved to Temecula when she was 18 years old. She called Vineyard Veterinary Hospital after spotting an advertisement in the paper, and has now worked alongside the caring team here for eight years!

Ashley loves the bond she creates with clients and knowing she’s trusted with their pets. She says you can never have a bad day when you work with puppies!

Seth is Ashley’s 10-year-old son, who Ashley says is a miniature version of her, only in boy form! She also has Rex, a 13-year-old dog, a ball python, a cat named Kitty, a Chihuahua named Puppy, Daisy the Basset/Retriever mix, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, and a beta fish.

In her free time, Ashley likes spending time with her son and family. She enjoys dirt bike riding with her son and spending time outdoors. One of her proudest memories was when she was involved in tumbling and took fourth place in the nation when she was 13 years old!

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Danielle McKeever


Danielle is a firm believer that the bond between a pet and their owner is the most pure, unconditional form of love that exists. Ever since she was a child and felt the connection with her own animal companions, she’s wanted to give something back! Danielle gets to do just that as one of Vineyard Veterinary Hospital’s receptionists.

Danielle was born and raised in Hawaii, then moved to California about 15 years ago. She’s spent many years in the office and reception fields, and is thrilled to have recently broken into the veterinary industry. Danielle has truly found her niche and doesn’t plan on looking back! She loves working alongside those who are just as passionate about animal care as she is, and particularly likes learning something new every day and educating pet owners on proper healthcare.

Most of Danielle’s free time is spent being a mother—she and her husband, Jonathon, have a wonderful young daughter named Clarity. As a family, they enjoy spending time at the park, playing dress-up, and watching Sesame Street. Soon, they hope to add a puppy to the mix so that Clarity can have a furry playmate to grow up with!

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Joan Totman

Practice Manager

Growing up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Joan loved the dogs her father would bring home. Because of her asthma, Joan couldn’t keep dogs around very long—that is, until she adopted Peggy, a Skye terrier whose long hair didn’t affect Joan in the least! Now Joan cares for pets and their owners regularly as the Practice Manager of Vineyard Veterinary Hospital.

Joan has a strong background in finance, having worked on Wall Street for many years. Wanting a change, she applied for an Office Manager position at a local veterinary clinic. She was hired, and twelve years later she’s still involved in the profession! Now she works alongside her husband, Owner and Medical Director Robert Totman. She makes sure the hospital has everything it needs in order for the team to do the best possible job. She especially enjoys making the client’s experience as pleasant as possible.

Joan owns four dogs: Jimmy, a toy poodle; Sully, a Bichon; Sophia Maria the Maltese; and Annie Marie, an 11-year-old Malti-Poo.

In her spare time, Joan likes to be creative with painting and gardening. She also likes to cook and enjoy good wine with her husband.

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